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Municipal and industrial pumps
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Rebuilding industrial pumps

Expertise in rebuilding municipal and industrial pumps

Rodage M. Rousseau has the expertise in rebuilding municipal and industrial pumps just like worldwide Canadian companies but adapted to small areas like ours. We are proud to be located in Lac-St-Jean to offer our ultra-specialized rebuilding industrial pumps services in our area.

When time comes to rebuild your industrial pumps Rodage M. Rousseau will propose an economical and durable solution to repair and rebuild any kind of pumps used in worldwide industries and municipalities.

With our knowledge and our sophisticated equipments we are able to give you inspection feedbacks and propose many solutions to rebuild your industrial pumps.

We got modern techniques that give you the best quality, durability, economy and the best delay: machining, seal fabrication, lapping, ceramic and epoxy coating, cold metallization, milling, sand blasting, vulcanization…

Contact us to learn more about rebuilding your industrial pumps; it will be pleasure to give you an estimate on your projects!