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Industrial  pumps  work under  severe conditions and their performance must be optimum at all time.

Rodage M. Rousseau has developped an expertise in that domain and is able to professionally rebuild your industrial pumps.

We have all the sophisticated equipements and the knowledge to rebuild your industrial pumps and will be proud to give you a complete tender for your project.

Did you know that seals, known as Bellow seals or Duo cone seals, can be rebuilt just like any other industrial vehicule parts?

Rebuilt Bellow seals are in any point the same quality as the original, simply because it is the original.

The procedure is very simple, the seal is at optimum performance and the costs are about 50 % lower than the original.

When your philisophy is to constantly improve things , it generates discoveries and improvements to existing processes.

That's exac tly where our improved mecanical seals come from, stronger and better where competitor seals failed.

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